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  2. Hey ladies…..THE TRUTH IS ….real estate investing can get you the marriage you want.

Hey ladies…..THE TRUTH IS ….real estate investing can get you the marriage you want.

It’s amazing how often couples become complacent in their relationship. They start going through the motions and are underwhelmingly “fine”. Emotional and physical intimacy fizzle out as a result.

On the flip side, maybe you aren’t “fine”. Maybe you know you want more and have been searching the web or reading self-help books for answers.

Whatever the situation, it can be difficult to know how to create the change you want.

Although there are many ways to move forward, real estate investing provides a unique and effective opportunity to strengthen your marriage. Think about when you go to counselling. You talk about goal setting, communication, role clarity, trust etc. and then the councillor often makes up an arbitrary situation for you to “practice” these things. In real estate investing you talk about these same things – the different is that you “practice” these in a real-life scenario – versus an arbitrary one that is hard to buy into. You use investing as a way to get on the same page and work together.

So ladies, are you interested in working together with your partner on something that can strengthen your marriage AND strengthen your financial future? Real Estate Investing may be a creative and effective answer.

Men, still not convinced? When you strengthen your emotional intimacy, physical intimacy follows. See where we are going with this…..

Guys, THE TRUTH IS….. real estate investing can get you laid.

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