1. The Truth Is Series
  2. THE TRUTH IS ….. 2 + 2 can = Fish if you want it to.

THE TRUTH IS ….. 2 + 2 can = Fish if you want it to.

Have you ever looked at a person or a couple who are extreme achievers and thought they were the exception…that they have something unachievable to the average Joe? That we shouldn’t even bother dreaming that big because they aren’t the same as us, that somehow they are special?

We aren’t necessarily talking about wealth or possessions (although we could be).  We are talking about the fact that we have all come to accept glass ceilings – we have some kind of preconceived notions of what is achievable and somehow that becomes the way the world makes sense to us.   This relates to our contribution to society, our marriage, our relationships with family and friends and what we achieve personally and professionally.  Our hopes, dreams and life make sense to us in this “box”, this becomes the logic we see the world with.

A lot of the work we do in our coaching program is focused on redefining what society has taught us.  About supporting our clients in relearning a new logic that allows for a far greater achievement simply by removing the self-imposed belief of what things should be.  This extends to financial wealth but more importantly extends to ourselves and marriage.  This is how we support our clients in not only gaining financial independence, but in “living richly” –  living a life with meaning that is not pre-defined.

The truth is ……if you are searching for something, if you are sure that there is more but don’t know what it is,  if you are unwilling to accept the glass ceiling imposed on you by societies restrictive thinking, if you are willing to say that 2 + 2 doesn’t have to f*cking = 4, that it can = anything (like fish)…..

Then the truth is …… you just may be the people we are looking for. 

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