I see so many clients
come to us having made

Serious mistakes in property Investment

or being too scared to try investing at all.
I’m here to get you making the right investment decisions for YOU. - Jared

With over sixteen years of in-the-trenches experience, Jared has developed a no bullsh*t approach to real estate investing that makes it simple for anyone to own money-making income properties. His serious wealth of expertise comes from extensive ownership of over 100 properties and 400+ real estate transactions across Canada. Together with Krista, he has learned all about the right and wrong properties to invest in by making every mistake in the book. 

For his clients, Jared gives practical, relevant and action-focused advice that they actually understand and can use when making investment decisions. Jared throws the cookie-cutter textbook approach out the window by personally digging into each client’s portfolio and investment hang ups. Overcome your caution and confusion with the market and get investing in the right properties with Jared’s help!

Why Call Jared?

He’ll take your portfolio and assess it from the ground up

You need to stop buying the wrong properties that cost too much and bleed you dry! Don’t be a 2008 recession memory and get caught hemorrhaging money.

He’ll tell you when it’s time to ‘call it’ on a property

You’re holding on to a property for too long, always waiting for ‘the right time to sell’. Don’t let those great opportunities pass you by any longer.

He’ll speak through the bullsh*t

In the real estate world, a textbook, cookie-cutter approach is the standard. Jared makes it personal by focusing on the personalized advice and training you’ll need to be a successful investor.

He’ll level you up

No matter where you’re at in your investment game, Jared can meet you there and take you farther. For seasoned investors, he offers the competitive advantage of over 18 years of knowledge and in-the-trenches experience. For the property newbie, he breaks big concepts down into the core fundamentals of successful real estate investing.

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