It hurts our soul to see the amount of people in this world that settle.  What’s even worse?  When the people who don’t settle are judged or repressed by the people who do.

Let me give you an example.  Our son Gradey is currently in grade 7 and attends middle school in Penticton.  We live in Kelowna which is about an hour away.  He does this so he can  go to Okanagan Hockey Academy for training.  He is extremely passionate, disciplined and hardworking when it comes to hockey.  At school the kids were presenting on what they want to do with their lives.  Gradey shared how he wants to be in the NHL.  His teacher patronized him; telling him that it was a nice dream but he needs to be more practical. In the words of Krista – “THAT’S ABSOLUTE HORSESHIT!”

Who is anyone to say you can’t achieve something?  Do not lower your ambitions to meet other people’s need for mediocracy.  You need to be ok being misunderstood to be great. 

That may seem like an isolated example but sadly it’s not.  It happens every day to all of us.  When we dare to dream big, or of something more, we are met with resistance from those who are hiding in the safety of average. 

This extends to every part of life, but when it comes to marriage, that’s when settling is the saddest.  Society’s bar for a successful marriage is whether or not it is “good”.  Good???  F*ck good!!!  I want a f*cking GREAT marriage.  One that constantly grows stronger and we become more and more connected.  One where we mutually reenforce each other to the point that 1 + 1 no longer equals 2 or 10 or 20 but infinity.  One that shatters the glass ceiling of “good” that society has taught us to accept.  One where getting what we need naturally supports the other in getting what they need.  One that says – “f*ck practical, I want intimacy, sex, connection, excitement and meaning”.

The truth is, when it comes to life and especially marriage – good doesn’t need to be good enough. 

The Truth Is…. “F*ck Good”.

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