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  2. THE TRUTH IS…. buying property is easy.

THE TRUTH IS…. buying property is easy.

You know what else is easy???? Making a baby. We get that some people have fertility issues or tough pregnancies, but this is just an analogy. In general, getting someone pregnant is easy. Bada bing bada boom. BUT raising children and being a good parent….that’s the tough part. It takes years, a ton of work, and a strong commitment. Jared Hope is currently teaching his daughter to drive so he would likely add that it takes a TON of patience.

That’s the same with buying a property. Bada bing bada boom – there you go.

Anyone can buy property, what’s difficult is finding properties that move you closer to your financial goals, work for you in the long term, and don’t keep you up at night in the meantime. If you are buying real estate without a coach, the best piece of advice we can give you is to be ready to do some hard work. If it’s easy you likely aren’t doing it right. You need to do a lot of research (not just go to one event or join one group). After that you still need to vet the source, ensure it applies appropriately to you, and action it properly. This is a lot of work (maybe not as much work as being a parent but you get the drift).

THE TRUTH IS….. buying property is easy, being successful in real estate investing is hard.

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