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Power couple Jared + Krista bring over 18 years of experience in real estate from all angles, including property investment, management, repairs and renovations and much more. For their coaching programs, it’s all about the client. Jared + Krista bring a holistic, team-focused approach in instructing, challenging and supporting their clients to achieve lucrative real estate investment goals. With a two steps ahead, one step behind approach, the J + K team create a path of personal success just for you, while continually supporting you by pushing you forward.

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Jared has carved out a reputation in the real estate industry as a no bullsh*t, in-the-trenches educator – intent on getting you and your portfolio ready for investment success.



Krista’s holistic, intuitive instruction on how to live a rich life has empowered individual clients and couples to achieve their relationship and wealth dreams.

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Our Secret

Carla Berrie is J + K Coaching’s secret sauce, period.  As their communications expert, Carla keeps things focused through her extensive understanding of systems, processes and collaborative communication strategies. She helps translate what you need and effectively communicates that with the team. She has degrees, experience and is certified in all kinds of sh*t… but that’s not what’s important. What IS important, is that Carla helps you get the most out of the investment programs through direct, honest communication.



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