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  2. The truth is “should”ing all over yourself is bullsh*t.

The truth is “should”ing all over yourself is bullsh*t.

Every real estate education group we know of talks about your purpose, your why, or whatever you call that “thing” that defines what you are trying to achieve with real estate investing. Have you ever wondered why this is so important?

The intention of the “why” is to motivate you. Like most things, real estate investing takes time and effort. It requires a commitment. Keeping your “why” in mind allows you to stay on track, to keep going, and to focus on the bigger picture instead of getting caught in the weeds.

Krista was in the office last week and she was telling us about a client who had defined his why as “creating security for his family”. The more coaching sessions she had with him the more it became obvious that his true passion was helping others. When he talked about giving back and the charitable work he was already doing, he lit the F*ck up. The aha ha moment was realizing that this was his true “purpose” versus creating security for his family which he felt he “should” be focused on. The truth is he has already provided a great life for his family.

A purpose is visceral – it is something that you are so connected to that it alters behavior. It motivates you in ways that nothing else can. If defined incorrectly it can act as a barrier. It adds unnecessary pressure. When we “should” all over ourselves it doesn’t actually motivate us the way we need it to. It becomes easier to fail even though we think we have done everything right. This is part of the magic of Krista. As a coach she is constantly tuning into you, uncovering blind spots and creating a container for self-discovery that allows magic to happen. For this client, once connected to his real purpose, tasks don’t have the same burdensome feeling and he is happier than he had been in a long time!

The truth is …….. take the time necessary to truly understand what motivates you. This will provide you with a strong foundation for future success. Or make your life easier and hire Krista

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