If you are familiar with our CEO Jared Hope, you will recognize the above phrase from every speech, podcast, bootcamp, coaching session etc that he has ever done. We’re building on this to bring you no B.S. conversations on what’s going on in the world of real estate and beyond.

Todays’s truth is this……. You will notice a huge spike in marketing for real estate investing education right now. The truth is this IS NOT about bringing people what they need – IT IS about trying to generate revenue lost from in person events. Now more than ever it is time to be strategic about the real estate investing education you listen to and pay for. Why are people wasting money on webinars and online events that were barely effective when delivered in person?

The truth is…. that if you want real estate investing education that works it needs to be tailored to you. You might say that’s pretty convenient considering we offer a private coaching program and personal on-demand advice but “The truth is…” there is a reason we do it…because it works.

SO TODAY’S TRUTH IS THIS……. don’t waste your money on education that doesn’t give you what you need. Your money can (and should) be put to better use.

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