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  2. THE TRUTH IS… Our strengths can also be our greatest weakness.

THE TRUTH IS… Our strengths can also be our greatest weakness.

Jared doesn’t do things half assed.  In an upcoming episode of our podcast The Truth Is, (1st episode airs March 2nd ), Jared tells a story about going to play a game of basketball with his friend.  The day before he goes out and buys $350 basketball shoes and a bunch of top gear.  He strides out onto the court like he’s in the NBA and his friend just looks at him like “Dude, what the f*ck, what’s with the get up?”  That’s just Jared – when he’s in, he’s all in – he doesn’t do things half ass. 

Most of us would agree that this is a great quality, but in the episode, Krista talks about how this is one of his best assets but also his Achilles heel.  Although he tends to excel at what he does, it can become an all or nothing approach which isn’t always ideal.

Here’s another example.  Kenzee, Jared and Krista’s daughter, was given an assignment at school.  The assignment was to write down 10 of her strengths.  She was really struggling to name them but could easily name a number of weaknesses.  As Krista listened to the weaknesses, she pointed out to Kenzee that the traits weren’t innately weaknesses, it was the application of those traits that defined them.  For instance, what Kenzee thought of as bossy, when leveraged on the hockey rink was actually leadership.  It’s only when leadership is overapplied that it becomes bossy.

Traditionally we think of strengths and we think of weaknesses.  But that doesn’t account for strengths overdone.  In a recent article in the Harvard Review they say “Strengths taken too far have two consequences: First, they become weaknesses. For instance, quick-wittedness can turn into impatience with others. Second, you’re at risk of becoming extremely lopsided—that is, diminishing your capacity on the opposite pole. A leader who is very good at building consensus, for example, may take too long to move into action.”

This is something we see quite often during our coaching work and there are many ways that we support our clients in working through this issue.  Tune into our podcasts starting March 2nd as we go deeper into addressing this as well as other common behaviors that don’t serve us well in our quest to live a f*ck yeah life.

The truth is our podcast is awesome.  The truth is if you aren’t tuning into our podcast in March then that’s bullsh*t! 😉

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